Apple-growing areas

Clementi Srl always buys only the best apples, deriving from award winning apple-growing areas.

It's necessary to respect special characteristics of each single variety to have high-quality apples. There are apple varieties that need the sandy soil, while others prefer the typical weather conditions of a certain altitude or latitude.
These are the reasons that have pushed the company to commercialize, apart from the apples of South Tyrol, those of the neighboring regions that represent excellent apple-growing areas.

The cultivations on the outskirts of Verona, Ferrara and Bologna generate extraordinary products, that's why we've decided to work also on the territories of Veneto and Emilia-Romagna.
Much importance was given also to the distances from our office, so that we could always guarantee a work organization as sustainable as possible.

Clementi Srl pays much attention to the new technologies that can improve the quality of apples and thus develop the sector's activity. The company closely collaborates with such experts of the trade as Tagliani Vivai and Gala Vivai. Machinery construction and supervision of the orchards are executed with the support of Galateam.