Our apples derive from the apple-growing areas of South Tyrol and Northern Italy. The regions of South Tyrol, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Emilia-Romagna are distinguishable for a long apple-growing tradition and for their elevated quality standards.

All the suppliers of Clementi Srl attain to the agricultural system of integrated and controlled production and accurately abide by the phytosanitary standards. Clementi Srl establishes precise norms that the suppliers have to respect in order to guarantee the high quality of the product.  

The same norms are applicable to the harvest processes and to all the processing stages taking place in the establishment of Laives, that is consignment, sorting, packaging, storing, and finally forwarding to the destination countries.

Thanks to the constant monitoring, accurate selection, and thorough documentation of all the processes, our apples can easily be traced out.