Best fruit. From variety selection to sale.

One family. One team. One togetherness. And a common goal: to produce high-quality fruit from sustainable cultivation, to store it and to market it. We are fruit producers with heart and mind, with dedication and responsibility.


With passion since 1952

The roots of our family business lie in the 50s. A lot has happened since then. We are gaining more and more partners who share our passion and values.

We produce and organize, we research and bring people together – so that the best fruit is available when, how and where it is needed.

Which fruit would you like?

Fruit growing is your strength.

We take care of the rest.

Fruit growing alone is a major challenge. But storage, packaging, marketing and logistics also have to be mastered. A grower has a lot to deal with, as we know from our own growing operations. That’s why it’s best to tackle these tasks together. With a strong partner at your side. More than 200 growers in northern Italy already work with Clementi.

The Gala Team – the fruit growing consultants

With expert knowledge into the next season

The Gala team is a sought-after partner when it comes to economical and sustainable fruit growing. Our experts share decades of accumulated knowledge with growers around the world. Plant construction, site analysis, pruning, plant protection, fertilization or other challenges – even the development of our own operations is entrusted only to the Gala Team. For good reason.

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