Gala Team – holistic consulting in fruit growing

Which varieties are currently in vogue? How do I fertilize sustainably? How do I get a grip on calculation and invoicing? The Gala Team supports producers worldwide in cultivation and marketing. This is backed by the 70 years of experience of the Clementi family and its partners.

Development of new plants

Variety selection, cropping system, plant spacing, alignment, soil drainage, grading, ground cover seeding, mechanical protection nets against hail and insects, mechanization, personnel planning.

Accompaniment through the season

pruning, fertilization, flower reduction, irrigation, fertilization, plant protection, harvesting

Economic consulting

Calculation, accounting, planning, reporting

Promotion of sustainability

Conservation of resources, insect, plant and water protection, social responsibility on the operation

The history of the Gala Team

Fruit-growing experts Dino Coser, Arturo Chiarini and Luis Clementi joined forces in the 1990s to share their knowledge and experience with other producers. They had come to the Po Valley and Ferrara as young fruit growers to run their own farms. Their success aroused the interest of other growers, who kept asking them for advice. That’s how the Gala Team was born – named after the Gala variety that was just taking over orchards in Italy. “Every fruit producer has the right to a Gala-worthy farm” – this is the credo of the three founders of the Gala Team.

Luis Clementi

Managing Director
30 years of experience. Expert in fruit growing techniques and economic issues

Dino Coser

30 years of experience. Plant whisperer and inventor in cultivation techniques

Florian Puntscher

Passionate fruit expert and sought-after interlocutor

The Clementi companies and our partners trust in the Gala Team

  • Farms of the Clementi family and its partners
  • Suppliers of the Società Cooperativa Agricola Laives
  • Suppliers of the Clementi GmbH

The Gala Team accompanies the most prestigious fruit growing regions worldwide

  • Italy: ca. 1500 ha
  • Austria: ca. 150 ha
  • Germany: ca. 300 ha
  • Serbia: ca. 1500 ha
  • Croatia: ca. 600 ha
  • Slovakia: ca. 600 ha
  • Hungary: ca. 400 ha
  • Kazakhstan: ca. 100 ha
  • Bosnia/Herzego.: ca. 250 ha
  • Chile: ca. 200 ha
  • Türkiye: ca. 600 ha

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