Our values

You can recognize a fruit expert by his products, his knowledge and his experience. And above all: by his convictions. These six values stand for Clementi.







Our strengths

Why do our customers, suppliers and partners choose us? They appreciate that we take a holistic approach to fruit production. From new plant development and variety development to cultivation and marketing. From rootstock to packaged fruit. Cooperative, production, sales and consulting under one roof – family and partnership.

One family – one company

May we introduce: Richard, Luis, Peter, Johanna, Christine, Cristina, Philip, Lukas and Simon. The Clementi family. Three generations working together. Different characters with very individual talents. And a passion that we share: fruit growing.

We want to tell you a story

It begins 70 years ago and is about the business idea of fruit grower Joseph Clementi, about sorting, weighing and stacking by hand, about the first warehouse, the first packaging line, the first successes. From this, the Clementi company of today was born, with its 13 producing farms and its extensive network in the fruit sector.


We love northern Italy and its delicious fruit. And its origin is also considered a clear sign of quality by retailers and consumers. Clementi’s own 13 operations are far from able to meet demand. That’s why we are grateful that around 200 fruit producers from all over the region place their trust in us and work with us.

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