The heads of Clementi

In our family you will find thinkers and doers, tinkerers and dreamers, understanders and mediators. Some of us see in an apple mainly numbers and curves, others a bouquet of colors and flavors. We invite you to get to know us.

Richard Clementi

Managing Director of Clementi Srl and eldest son of the company founder. He has known the European apple market for 35 years and knows what products the trade and end consumers want.

Luis Clementi

With his company Gala Team and as legal representative of the Società Cooperativa Agricola Laives, Luis is an internationally sought-after expert in fruit cultivation. Together with his brother Peter Clementi, he is also active in the nursery and the production of rootstocks.

Peter Clementi

Trustworthy interlocutor for customers and suppliers, be it in the sale of apple trees, as a partner in the Tagliani Vivai nursery, in the Clementi operations or in the purchase of fresh produce in Austria and Germany.

Johanna Clementi

Johanna manages the administration of all our companies and is responsible for accounting, controlling and financing. She knows the structure and interrelationships of our companies like no one else.

Christine Clementi

She looks after the technology and keeps the IT up and running. She manages our payment flows with a cool head and a sure hand.

Cristina Clementi

Cristina is the contact person for the wishes and needs of our employees. Personnel, wages, but also rights and duties are her profession. And she makes sure that the Clementi headquarters always looks its best.

Philip Mosna

He organizes international sales and has an excellent knowledge of products and packaging. He has already demonstrated his leadership qualities at the Zevio branch office, which he managed for five years.

Lukas Clementi

Lukas is the operation manager of Clementi’s South Tyrolean operations and at the same time an expert in our agricultural machinery, but also in the cultivation of apples and the handling of the plants.

Simon Clementi

Simon is a specialist in the further development of the company. He looks after the future of the fruit trade as well as the digitalization of our processes. In addition, his tasks also include marketing and recruiting.

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