Our strengths

Just as a complete fruit is created from the skin, pulp, core and stalk, our divisions, suppliers and partners also combine their strengths to form a large, strong community. We take a holistic approach to fruit production – from new plant development and variety development to cultivation and marketing. This is the only way to achieve the quality our customers have come to expect from us. Let us show you how our company works.

Plant development



Sorting & Packing

Sales & Logistics


Clementi Srl

  • Worldwide sale of high quality fruit
  • About 200 suppliers of raw materials (kiwi, apples, pears, plums, grapes)
  • Investment in own operations

Sales volume: 58,000 t

54,887 t

2,076 t

831 t

353 t

Producer group

Società Cooperativa Agricola Laives

  • Member of the Consorzio Interregionale Ortofrutticolo
  • Storage, sorting and packing of goods from our own operations and around 50 suppliers
  • Two sites, multiple storage locations

Sales volume: 44,000 t

44,568 t

880 t

539 t

1,131 t


Operations of the Clementi family and their partner operations

  • Cultivation of apples, pears, kiwis, plums
  • 13 operations in self-management with strong partners (Trentino, Emiglia Romana, Veneto, Lombardy)

Area: 350 ha
Yield: 24,000 t of fruit


Gala Team

  • Management of the proprietary companies of Clementi GmbH and their partners
  • Consulting to suppliers
  • External consulting for international fruit growing companies
  • rootstock production, nurseries, variety development
  • New plant development

Fruit-growing areas under management: 6,000 ha

Nursery partner

Braun Nurseries: 25 ha
Tagliani Vivai: 30 ha

  • 15 ha rootstock production
  • 2.5 million rootstocks
  • 1.5 million trees

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