South Tyrol is a fruit paradise: 300 days of sunshine a year, an ideal climate and passionate producers ensure a quality that is unparalleled in Europe. We see it as our duty to handle these gifts of nature responsibly. Our comprehensive quality management accompanies the product from cultivation, harvesting, storage, sorting, packaging to the retailer. It is our goal to bring apples, pears, plums and kiwis from South Tyrol and the whole of northern Italy to our customers in top form. And we always keep an eye on sustainability.


We support the 17 ‘Global Goals’ because we are convinced that every company can contribute to a more sustainable and just world. We feel particularly committed to four of these global goals. We are continuously working to implement them at Clementi and to get a little closer to them every day.

Our quality management in 8 steps

1. preparation

  • Production of rootstocks and planting material in mother gardens and nurseries
  • Variety development with a focus on sustainability
  • Less water consumption as well as lower pesticide use through the selection of robust and resistant varieties
  • Advice to farmers on the latest cultivation methods from the Gala Team
  • Matching the varieties to the soil and climate of our growing regions throughout northern Italy
  • Complete documentation and traceability from the planting material to the packaged and delivered product

2. cultivation

  • Less need for insecticides by protecting fruit trees with nets
  • Annual soil analyses enable moderate fertilizer use and prevent overfertilization
  • Water-conserving cultivation and targeted nutrient supply through drip irrigation
  • State-of-the-art spraying technology to prevent crop protection products from drifting onto surrounding areas
  • Temporary spray stops ensure optimal pollination. Hail nets are only put up after the bees have flown – Trusting partnership with beekeepers who bring their bees to our plantations for pollination.

3. harvest

  • Pre-harvest ripeness check: starch breakdown, sugar content, flesh firmness and acidity indicate the optimal time for harvesting
  • Picking at optimum storage ripeness: individual planning and definition of harvest windows depending on the growing area and variety
  • Gentle harvesting methods adapted to the growing area

4. delivery

  • A dense network of warehouses in the growing regions ensures short distances from supplier
  • Collection of fruit from suppliers with our own trucks for fast, quality-preserving storage
  • Each delivery is tested by a specialist laboratory for plant protection residues
  • Our growers receive recommendations from the Gala Team to make the spraying 100% in accordance with the customer’s requirements

5. storage

  • State-of-the-art storage techniques such as DCA, CAL and ULO control the ripening process during storage
  • Air and temperature conditions adapted to the individual varieties
  • Continuous monitoring of fruit metabolism
  • Gentle processing by specially trained personnel
  • Highest hygiene standards

6. sorting – new sorting

  • New sorting plant with higher capacity: state-of-the-art technology for fillers and transport systems as well as other smart solutions ensure gentle operation
  • Container washing machine for compliance with hygiene standards
  • Resource-saving water treatment through five filter systems

7. packing and delivery

  • Sustainable packaging with PVC-free film and recyclable cardboard
  • Deposit systems with reusable crates such as IFCO systems and EUROPOOL systems
  • New packaging room with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Fully automatic packaging line with independent quality control
  • Lighting and room concept coordinated for an optimal working climate

8. management

  • Complete heating of workspace and office by means of heat recovery
  • Sustainable energy supply through solar systems
  • Flower meadow in front of the company headquarters as a habitat for bees and other insects
  • Reduction of power consumption through LED lighting at all sites


We want to be a reliable partner for our customers and suppliers. Audits by independent testing institutes confirm this: Our products and all processes from cultivation to delivery meet the highest quality standards.

As a customer and supplier, you need security. We have had our products and processes certified so that you can better decide whether we are the right partner for you.

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